Marbella’s Best Beach Clubs

Marbella’s Best Beach Clubs

Summer is finally in sight, so what better time to start thinking about the best of Marbella’s beach clubs to visit this year? Marbella is known around the world for its glamorous lifestyle, and nowhere is this more evident than in its numerous beach clubs that can be found along the coast.

Featuring a range of extravagant infinity swimming pools, white mattress and teak lounger beds, large sunbeds, music and top DJ’s, sophisticated drinks and champagne parties, the wide array of beach clubs show off Marbella’s glitz at its finest.

Marbella’s beach clubs are much more than just restaurants or bars though - they are places to hold sophisticated parties for the jet set who frequent the town. The clubs generally open in April (with a fabulous season kick-off party) and close in October:

Nikki Beach is one of the most famous of Marbella’s glamorous beach clubs. Located at the Don Carlos Hotel beach, Nikki Beach is known attracting celebrities and beautiful people, as well as for its parties. Its champagne contests and opening white parties are some of the most popular regular events in Marbella.

Puro Beach is located in the beautiful Laguna Village complex, between Marbella and Estepona. Though small, Puro Beach has an infinity pool, great music, fabulous food and a laid-back atmosphere.

Ocean Club is one of Marbella’s classic summer establishments. Situated next to Puerto Banús, it boasts an excellent restaurant, a large swimming pool and an array of stylish clientele.

Plaza Beach sits right at the entrance of Puerto Banús marina. Though it doesn’t have its own swimming pool, its 12 luxurious Jacuzzis more than make up for the absence.

La Sala By the Sea is the beach club version of the locally revered La Sala restaurant. The boutique club is ideal for those looking for a lively atmosphere.

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